COVID-19 Notice

Sara Rogers, Inc and all associates will continue to comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations set forth by the CDC, relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the rules change, we will comply accordingly.

All Students will be required to comply with in person classes, at any facility in which we teach or perform. Masks are worn entering and exiting the buildings, and in class it is recommended as well. On camera work, while you are on camera, you can remove your mask, briefly, to while doing your work. On Stage, the same applies, while you are doing your monologue. And whatever other rules apply to the facility all students and staff will comply.

In these trying times we all know that "social distancing" is what we all NEED to practice!

We also need to continue to "exercise" our CRAFT and what better time the now when all we have is time. I am available on-line so that you can continue to keep your Craft fresh and be prepared when opportunity comes knocking and when this is over it will.  We can work on  audition techniques,monologues, the business of acting/modeling, etc. Anything you need to keep your creativity and growth active and alive, we can and will do. 

Let's interact with each other and  keep our creative juices flowing.  Don't let this virus stop you from following your dream.Please give a call, let's chat and figure out where you feel the greatest need is for you to enhance YOUR craft.  I look forward to hearing and working with you.  

Stay safe and be kind to others.