About Sara

Ms. Rogers is a beacon of creativity and experience in the South Florida film and stage industry, boasting over 40 years of versatile involvement. Her journey spans teaching, coaching, casting, writing, and talent coordination, making her a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring and seasoned actors alike.

With a deep commitment to nurturing talent, Ms. Rogers has expanded her teaching repertoire to include prestigious roles as a guest teacher at the ACT Symposium and for The Lesbian Thesbian, highlighting her dedication to diverse and inclusive learning environments. Her expertise as a Public Speaking Coach for the Make A Wish Foundation and as a Guest Coach for Women in Distress underscores her passion for empowering voices in all walks of life.

Ms. Rogers has crafted unique educational programs that bridge the gap between aspiring actors and the industry. "Step One-The Business End of the Acting Modeling Business" offers newcomers invaluable insights into navigating the industry with a business mindset. Meanwhile, "How To Audition For Camera" delves into advanced camera techniques, enriching actors' on-screen presence and skills.

Her tenure as an instructor at Hollywood Playhouse is notable for her creation and instruction of monologue, scene study, and improvisation classes, catering to a wide range of students from beginners to advanced learners. Similarly, her 6 ½ years at The Acting School of South Florida and guest lectures on improvisation and acting in the corporate sector have left a lasting impact on many.

Ms. Rogers' contributions to casting are equally impressive, having worked alongside NY casting director Louis DiGiamo, and locally with industry stalwarts like Dee Miller, Kim Houston, Ellen Jacoby, Lori Wyman, and Unique Casting. Her portfolio includes involvement in commercials for renowned brands such as Bacardi Rum, Crest, Publix, Nextel, and Hertz.

As a voice-over artist, Ms. Rogers has lent her talents to productions with Broadcast Video, The Miami Herald, NBC local channel 4, The Puppet Theatre, and the NY production of “Leaf Meafs,” among others. Her television appearances include roles in Extra Large, 21 Jump Street, and Miami Vice, with writing contributions to Don Beret- Broadcast Video, Stage and Screen Newspaper, and Marquee Magazine.

For the past seven years, she has consistently brought her signature teaching style to ArtServe, offering weekly classes that challenge and inspire actors. Ms. Rogers now brings her open heart and boundless enthusiasm to all Events, ready to elevate all who cross her path with her unique blend of expertise and passion for the arts.

Always in pursuit of new challenges and opportunities to enrich the acting community, Ms. Rogers remains a cherished mentor and visionary in the South Florida region and beyond, fostering safe, secure, and dynamic learning environments for all her students.

Interview on "Spotlight of the Arts"