Student testimonials

Sara is one of the most amazing individuals I have met. I have known Sara since our days on 'Miami Vice' the TV series. With life experience and talent beyond belief she shares both with all, in a caring and uplifting way.


Sara is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She has been in the business for many, many years and knows the "ins and outs" of the business. Whether you are new to the biz or a seasoned actor, she has classes just for you! Practice, practice, practice is what it takes and she gives you just that! Her insight and professionalism help you to build your skills in a safe environment.


If I could give one piece of advice to fellow actors it would be - hire Sara as your coach! I noticed such a change in call backs and overall performance once joining both her private’s and classes, as well as a calming of my nerves! Sara does all this while still being very personable and relatable.


Sara has this great ability to communicate with actors and to get through to each student individually. She's helped me change the course of my life, and I'm happy knowing I'm doing what I love.


I recently returned to my love of acting after a 26-year hiatus. Sara helped me regain my confidence. I have already been offered roles in movies and plays and am looking forward to what is ahead.


Sara is the best! Taught me so much and I even got some paid gigs from her classes, including a short film. Would definitely take her class again!


She is a great teacher and human being. I owe her everything. She is the reason for who I am today. All the knowledge and feedback she has provided has been productive to my career. I am a working actor because of her. I am forever very grateful to her and will always be in her debt.


Sara Rogers has transformed the way I perform. She's an amazing coach and I wouldn't recommend anyone else!


Let me tell you, even if you take just one of her classes, you will walk away with a better understanding of your craft, whether it be acting, filming, or stage. You will understand more about the industry. That includes joining a talent and modeling agency, how to avoid scams by those who just want to take your money, and what casting directors are looking for in an audition. I have recommended Sara Rogers to my friends and to people who want to be actors or filmmakers trying to understand the industry. I have taken other acting classes, but Sara really cares about your success. She wants to see you succeed and will provide guidance. Sara Rogers is one of the best coaches you will ever meet.


I took acting lessons to improve my sales skills - and WOW, have I learned a lot! Sara coaches in such a way that I've felt encouraged, comfortable, and have even felt my stage fright melt away. It's a fun, supportive, informative environment.


Sara not only does a great self-taping for you but she gives great pointers to make your audition the best it can be. She is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She really makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Love working with and being coached by her!