Self taping and submissions

Self-Taping and Submissions have become the norm not the exception in today’s world. Film and TV casting are turning to self-taping more and more often, leading actors away from the in-person experience.

However, it expands the opportunities world-wide. Actors are now tasked with being both actor AND director, having a studio setup, and making bold (yet grounded) choices that will lead to more and more requests and hopefully to more bookings.

Book your time and self -tape with Sara Rogers, a two-time award winning acting coach. With Sara you get a built-in reader AND coach. We tape you – watch playbacks and choose the right audition take to send. We’ll label the files and send them electronically. This is all done in a Stress-Free Environment and can typically be accomplished within an hour.

The time all depends on the actor and where they are in the memorization and technique and how many pages they have to submit. Your time begins at the time that was reserved so please allow enough time for traffic, rehearsal, makeup and any wardrobe change. If you reserved an 11 am slot and arrive at 11:15, you have 45 minutes left to your hour.

Sara’s experience has shown that if you are memorized and ready to tape this should go very smoothly within the hour, and if you finish early, you can use the time to pick her brains! She has tons of experience that to share with you.

Fees and scheduling

The rate is a flat $75.00 for the hour. If you have several pages or more than one scene to self-tape, it may take a bit longer, and it will be $37.50 for every additional 30 minutes. 1.5 hours will be $112.50, and 2 hours will be $150. We take Cash (preferred – you get a receipt), PayPal, Credit Cards or Checks. ​Due to the nature of an actor's work, our cancellation policy is flexible. You are welcome to cancel or reschedule at anytime up to 3 hours from your appointment time with no rescheduling charge, less than 3 hours, there is a $25.00 rescheduling charge.


The background we tape against is grey. Please do not wear logos or anything that draws the eye away from your audition; solid colors are best (No BLACK, WHITE or RED). Wear jackets, sweaters or dress like the character as much as you are able and if it's a white doctor jacket, wear it. Please bring options and the camera may have to decide.

Sara is a seasoned professional in the auditioning and acting worlds and wants you to BOOK the Job. Her reputation working for and with actors is legendary. Please take a moment to review her testimonials from past and present students to get a better understanding of her and her teaching methods.